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About Us

International Technology and Services was established to address the growing need for information systems based on open source technologies and community contributed software.
This provides an opportunity for agencies and enterprises to acquire software solutions based on minimal investments in technology licenses and underlying hardware and servers infrastructure. This type of approach is specifically suitable to the emerging markets where there is a high demand for information systems but with a limited investment capacity.

ITS Provides a wide range of information technology based solutions, with a primary focus for government agencies that covers national security and vertical systems. Our approach is mainly to provide technology solutions with a high return on investments and scalable whether hosted locally or in the cloud. Having an experienced international team with domain expertise in various governance domain.

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Return on investment by focusing on investing in business software rather than systems management and infrastructure.

Turn around time take to implement project and systems. Most open source app
servers and operating systems are ready for deployments and have a rich set of drivers and admin consoles.

Investment in licenses and main stream hardware components, most main stream vendor
contains a significant upfront investment in licensing operating systems, RDMS and app servers.bortis etc.

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