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Electronic WCO/WTO compliant valuation with an intelligent price reference DB integrated with a network of international price providers.

eValuation: Features

Continuous Updates from International Price Providers

Acquire quick price update from international price providers, whether it is commodities, vehicles or general goods. Verified document pricing information per HSCODE and/or custom commodity type, allowing customs officers and valuators to conduct in depth valuation electronically.

The valuation portal comes integrated with a front end extended declaration portal through which extended attributes and/or supporting documents can be acquired from traders. As governments continuously work towards transaction value assessment, the eTrade valuation software supports officers in drilling down into the data to verify the transaction value

Unified Consignment View

A unified user interface for viewing all consignment related information, whether its wire transfers, insurance documents or an agency agreement. The eTrade unified consignment view provides users with the ability to drill down through all available data to conduct the valuation process.

Price Thresholds per Commodity Type

Control acceptable price thresholds that propagate through an escalation procedure, eTrade empowers stakeholders to take control over what can be an acceptable declared value and what needs due diligence.

Dynamic Extended Attributes

Define those factors that affect a commodity price while at the same time acquiring the data through the extended declaration portal, thus providing your staff with all necessary information about the nature of the commodity to conduct valuation and/or forward the request to an international price provider.

eValuation: List
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